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All services are available in person* or remotely

Gina's services are an investment in the progress of your organization, and she understands your need to conserve costs so you can invest more in improving the lives of those you serve.

A free consultation is offered for all projects, after which, Gina will send a proposal detailing estimated cost and the scope of work. Below are average costs to guide your decision process to request a free consultation. 

One Hour of Consultation $100

  • Strategic, Development, Research Planning and/or Implementation - $75 per hour

  • Ongoing Direction of Development Program - $67.50 per hour (10% discount)

  • Board/Staff Retreat - $1,000 half-day $1,500 full day

  • Complete Strategic Plans- $2,000-$3,500 (Pending Scope)

  • Development, Research or Mission Delivery Plans - $500-$1000 (Pending Scope)

*Travel costs from Seattle, WA required

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