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Do you have the funds you need to fuel your mission?

Do you want to 

Increase your number of donors?

Increase your average donation size?

Increase the number of repeat donors?

Increase the funds received from foundations and corporations?

All of the above?

Gina has 20 years of experience creating and implementing development plans for patient organizations of all sizes. She will work with you to create a realistic, simple to follow plan designed around your community and needs.

Gina will guide your team through the planning process to:

  • Set metrics

  • Develop strategies to achieve these metrics that address existing and potential barriers as well as create conditions that must exist for success

  • Create an action plan detailing the steps needed to implement these strategies, deadlines and responsible parties

Pricing ranges from $500-$1,000 pending scope. 

A free consultation is offered for all projects, after which, Gina will send a  proposal detailing estimated cost and the scope of work.

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