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What are the barriers between where you are now and a cure? What can your organization do to remove them? Are you focusing your valuable research funds in a way that will develop and advance therapies in the best way possible? How do you measure your impact in this area? How should you engage with industry? 


Gina has experience in navigating organizations through this process and is an expert in developing ethical, mutually beneficial relationships with industry. She has been asked to present her proven techniques at numerous conferences including World Orphan Drug Congress and at NORD Summits. 

Consulting rate is $75 per hour. A free consultation is offered for all projects, after which, Gina will send a  proposal detailing estimated cost and the scope of work.

Sessions can take place in person or remotely, at one time or in segments, with a large group or committees. 

Planning Tailored to your Organization may include:

Prioritization of Goals and Unmet Needs

Evaluation of Current Research Program

Creation of Metrics to Evaluate Program

Identification of Barriers to Therapies

Development of Strategies with Action Plan

Creation of Policy to Engage with Industry

Meeting Planning and Facilitation with Medical Professionals, Researchers, Regulators, Industry and/or Patients

PFDD Meeting Guidance and Planning

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