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Strategic planning for a charity is different than for a company as the goal is not profit, but impact. Patient organizations have even more special needs as they balance engagement and support of patients while moving towards the goal of a cure.


Gina has a Certificate in Facilitating Strategy from Leadership Strategies and is experienced in guiding patient organizations through the strategic planning process and providing an easy to follow action plan to ensure you meet your goals.

Pricing ranges from $2,000-$3,500 pending scope and options. 

A free consultation is offered for all projects, after which, Gina will send a  proposal detailing estimated cost and the scope of work.

Sessions can take place in person or remotely, at one time or in segments, with a large group or committees. 

All Plans Include:

SWOT Analysis 

Prioritization of Goals

Establishment of Metrics

Identifications of Barriers and Critical Success Factors

Strategies to Address Barriers and Achieve Goals

Creation of Easy to Follow 11"x17" Document with Plan

Action Plan with Responsible Parties and Deadlines

Options Include:

Modification of Internal Document for Marketing Purposes

Current State of the Organization Material Preparation 

Creation of Mission and/or Vision Statement

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